The Nuclear Attack

I was in some kind of canteen mess-hall, having breakfast with some other guys. All of us were in generic military clothing, so I guess we were some kind of soldiers. The other guys were talking softly about how another guy from our unit had just been mysteriously killed, and there was an ominous, grim atmosphere. Then, through the window, we saw two or three yellow parachutes with large crates attached to them drift down to the ground, and we took this as a bad sign – somebody else was going to be killed. We left the canteen to go to some other makeshift building on the base, but now I was on my own, or the guys I was with turned into these guys I had known in highschool (I remember M in particular), all wearing checkered shirts and baseball hats. They stepped into my path and formed a circle around me and began taunting me, picking for a fight. I wasn’t afraid of them. In fact I felt angry, because the parachutes meant that I had more important stuff to do than waste time with these losers. Even though I was outnumbered, I even goaded them to throw the first punch. Then we heard a whistle blast, and I didn’t want to get caught fighting, so I ran into a large, tall watchtower. When I got to the top there were radar displays and alarms going off,  and I realized that enemy planes loaded with atomic bombs were coming to bomb us and the nearby city. Down below on the runway, the guys I was fighting with [were shouting up to me] (NB: this portion of text was illegible due to a coffee stain), but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Finally I found an intercom button, and was told that I had to pull a certain lever in the room which would send out some radio waves and make the atomic bombs inert. The trouble was that I couldn’t find the right switch – the consoles were like those in an aircraft control tower or a spaceship or something, and I couldn’t figure out which lever to pull. I heard the roar of the planes approaching in the distance and began to really panic. As the sound grew much louder, I finally found the right lever, but the handle was electrified and shocked me when I tried to grab it. I realized I was too late and everybody, the entire city, was going to be destroyed. [Note: I had this dream a week or so after visiting Hiroshima – not recently, but I always remembered it.]

(Paul included the text above with the object. It describes the dream he had, which the scrimshaw illustrates. For more details about Paul, these objects, and how they ended up with me, click here!)