Nine Dreams of Joan Sometime in the Mid-1980’s

“Joan” (not her real name) was in her mid-20’s and in college when she recorded the dreams on which the following diagrams are based. Joan is a lesbian, and many of the dreams in the series, including several that I have selected here, deal with relationships and (often fraught) romantic encounters. She is particularly vexed by “Eliza”, to whom she can never quite express herself properly and who is never very nice. Vampires feature more than usual in Joan’s dreams, and while some of them are below the average in emotional intensity, the magnitude of one or two put her almost in league with the Vietnam Vet. Far and away the most dominant emotion for Joan is general anxiety (68), followed by doubt/confusion (33), irritation (30), embarrassment (29) and disgust (27). Negative emotions dwarf positive ones: 315 points negative to only 96 positive!

If you are interested in reading the dreams to which these diagrams correspond, they can be accessed at “The Dreambank“, a dream report repository maintained by Adam Schneider & G. William Domhoff at the Department of Psychology, UC Santa Cruz. Select “Joan: A Lesbian” then run a search for the corresponding dream number. There you can also find a statement Joan provided about her dreams during that time in her life.