Nine Dreams of Barb Sanders, 1981 – 1993 

Below are the diagrams of nine dreams of Barb Sanders. I don’t know a great deal about “Barb” (not her real name), except that she was “middle aged” during the period of these dreams and that she sometimes occupies a wheelchair. Her dream reports are often quite interesting, filled with odd happenings of friends, family and mysterious lovers. She strikes me as very honest in her reporting, and frequently has dreams in which gender switching seems to play a role. 

According to my analysis of these nine dreams, her strongest, most present emotions are anxiety (43), love/strong affection (28), irritation (26), regret, remorse, guilt (25) and aversion (23). These dreams have a higher percentage of positive emotions than other subjects, though negative emotions still outweigh the positive.

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If you are interested in reading the dreams to which these diagrams correspond, they can be accessed at “The Dreambank“, a dream report repository maintained by Adam Schneider & G. William Domhoff at the Department of Psychology, UC Santa Cruz. Select “Barb Sanders” then run a search for the corresponding dream number.