Turning dream data into sound can be pretty complicated. While it is possible to directly associate EEG wavelengths with soundwaves and produce some interesting, ephemeral and “dreamy” sounds (see for example Lisa Park’s Eunoia from 2014), I’m currently more interested in producing compositions using more traditional instrumentation, particularly the humble piano, because I want the listener to have something familiar to hold on to. Soon I will be able to produce the scores for these works and pianists more talented than I am will be able to perform them. 

I am also working on works for tiny music boxes, and, eventually, a full scale Hand-Cranked Mechanical Dream-O-Matic Glockenspiel! Keep an eye on the blog for updates. 

For exhibitions, I have created special listening stations that mount onto walls and allow people to hear the music quietly played through a pillow. 

I like the idea of visitors having a more intimate experience of the music.

Below are some of the initial results of my experimentation (Press the green button to play or pause)

Four Minute Dream  of a Thirty-Three Year Old Woman in A Minor

Eleven Minute Dream of a Thirty-Two Year-Old Woman in D Minor

Seven-and-a-Half Minute Dream Of a Forty-Seven Year-Old Woman

And just to prove I don’t take myself too seriously, I also composed this comical ROCK ANTHEM using the dream data from a 22 year old in 1988… Rock on!