Are you currently going through a sleep study?

If you are in the process of being diagnosed for a sleep disorder, or simply visiting a sleep clinic to learn more about your sleep habits and how to improve them, the sleep scientists at your lab will undoubtedly collect a “polysomnograph” (or PSG) of your sleep. With this PSG and its associated hypnogram, I am able to transform one of your dreams into a variety of artworks, or even a musical composition. Why not take advantage of the lab work to get an utterly unique and personal work of art? All you need to do is send me the PSG file, which your lab staff should be able to make available to you. Send me an email to let me know what you’re most interested in and get a quote. (NB: Your PSG does not contain any particularly sensitive medical information. Nevertheless, please note that any data you send me will be treated in strictest confidence and destroyed as soon as the work has been made!)

Interested in purchasing a print?

The work in the “images” section are available for purchase in limited editions of archival pigment prints. The ink used is 11 channel Epson Ultrachrome HDX, printed on┬áHahnemuhle Photo Rag UltraSmooth paper. The sizes (and prices) vary depending on the series, and will be posted below very soon. In the meantime, please contact me with your questions!