Series 1

Also known as “Three Channel OmniChromatic Analysis”, these images are the result of the first process of data visualization I created. I really had no idea what I was doing, and no preconceived expectations. I figured out a way to assign the data to RGB colors, circle sizes and positions, and pressed “Make”. When I saw the first result appear (on right), it was as if it had come about by magic – this was created by a 79 year old woman’s dream in 1994!

Series 2

Also known as “Recoordinated Electroencephelographs” because that is just what they do. They re-coordinate EEG data by associating two different channels with each other rather than with the time value that usually runs along the X axis. So time is not represented in these drawings at all, just two sets of EEG data joined by some rather elegant Bezier curves. 

Series 3

Also known as “Five Minute Oneironodes on Bisecting Threshold Horizon Disks”. These things are pretty nifty. They present EEG and EOG data as overlapping spheres in a three-dimensional space, along with a radiant disk running along the zero point of the horizontal axis. The structure can be viewed from any angle using 3D image processing software, and I usually select three views from each dream-form, based entirely on what I find most interesting.  

Series 4

Each of the 60 “arms” on these radial forms represents a second of data, so that each form describes a minute. The data in this case is composed by an amalgamation of all the polysomnograph data available.