Exhibition with Gallery Cubed!

The DRL will be presenting some recent work as part of Gallery Cubed’s “Live Under the Archway” series. Organized by Courtney Strimple Colman and Heather Bhandari of the curatorial team The Remix, the show will take place under the DUMBO archway in beautiful Brooklyn, NYC on August 8th from 5 – 9pm.¬†

Even though the exhibition is in the micro-gallery invented by Gallery Cubed, we’ve managed to find a way to make the inside of the gallery larger than the outside, so visitors can ¬†experience the entire DRL gallery and workshop space. Drawings of mysterious entities adorn the outside of the space, derived from the dreams of various Brooklyn supporters.¬†

The event will also mark the launch of the DRL DREAM HOTLINE! You can learn more about that here.

To mark the occasion, we’re also hosting a DREAM EXCHANGE! The first 45 people to bring a written text about a dream they’ve had will receive in exchange somebody else’s dream, along with its accompanying “Pyschoneiric Analysis Diagram” (which look like this). Sweet deal!

The event is free and open to all, and will also include a performance by Dandy Wellington and his band, which looks like it will be very cool. Hope you can make it!