Emoneiric Diagram Generator

With the help of programmer Marc Fournier, I’ve created a web-based system in which you can generate and download diagrams of the emotional content of your dreams. Click here to see the diagrams I have generated on five sample subjects!


Generating these images involves filling in a two-part questionaire. The first part asks about your emotions in the dream, in the order they were experienced. The second part asks about other people encountered in the dream. For various reasons, the input must be numerical, so you will be asked to consult various charts and put in the appropriate number. It takes a little getting used to, but is fairly straightforward.

Before following the link at the bottom, read through the example. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you work from a written narrative of your dream! This will help you to reflect, sentence by sentence, on what emotions you experienced

If you keep a dream journal and collect enough of these diagrams, you should easily be able to see if any patterns emerge. For example, you can see whether  you have generally more negative (green/blue/brown) or positive emotions (red,purple,yellow), whether you mostly dream of friends or strangers, how important others are in your dreams and whether your interactions are generally positive or negative. 

Example Dream Narrative

Here is a short made-up dream text to use as an example. In brackets I note how I might score the emotions present and their intensities, and at the end I list the other people in the dream and their statistics.  

I was walking in a quiet wooded area, enjoying the serenity of the forest. [Serenity = 7, contentment = 7]. The path lead to a clearing and a small pond, where I saw a disheveled woman rummaging in her backpack. Curious, I approached her  to see what she was struggling with and see if I could help. [Curiousity = 6] To my amazement, she turned out to be my 8th grade math teacher, and she rudely told me to mind my own business. [Shock = 7]. I was embarrassed, and turned away, but then she called me back [Embarrassment = 5]. Now she was holding in her outstretched hands some kind of disgusting slimy creature, and asking me to come hold it for her [Aversion = 8]. I turned and tried to run away as fast as I could, but then I woke up [Strong fear, panic = 9].

Other People in the Dream:
Name: 8th Grade Math teacher.
Relationship: Formal.
Interaction: Entirely Negative.
Influence on Dream: 10 (high).
Primary Emotion: Irritation, impatience (8)

Putting this information into the visualizer, this short dream with only one other person in it ends up looking like the diagram on the right.

Click here to view and download the legend for the diagrams.

PRIVACY NOTE: This program does NOT collect nor save any data of any kind! I cannot even see when it is being used! However, if you’d like to share your dream creations, please feel free to email me at the address below!