Nine Dreams of Toby, 2004 – 2006

Toby (again, not his real name) is a young man who has many dreams about hanging out with friends, being at various social events, seeing lots of “hot girls” and having various anxieties about his encounters with them. In some respects he is a cliche of a young Californian Dude, yet there are there occasional moments that complicate the stereotype. For example, he dreams he attended a Christian Fellowship Church, has a poignant dream seemingly about his dead father, is quite open about vaguely homosexual dream encounters, and comes up with the enigmatic song lyric “There’s a sick little suicide in all that we do”. 

Toby is unique among the dreams I’ve looked at for having almost as many positive emotions as negative ones (136 positive “points” vs. 146 negative), which is unusual since almost everybody’s dreams tend to be more filled with anxieties and irritations than good times. His most commonly reported feelings are, in order, Attraction (6), then tied for the remaining places, Anger/Exasperation (3), Fun (3), Aversion (3) and Resentment/indignation (3). Toby is attracted to someone in two thirds of these dreams, but only has two encounters that could be described as “erotic”. 

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If you are interested in reading the dreams to which these diagrams correspond, they can be accessed at “The Dreambank“, a dream report repository maintained by Adam Schneider & G. William Domhoff at the Department of Psychology, UC Santa Cruz. Select “Toby – a friendly party animal” then run a search for the corresponding dream number.