THE DRL DREAM HOTLINE: (917) 781 - 0506

Telephone – Hommard (Lobster Telephone) by Salvador Dali, 1936. Collection of the Tate Museum 

If you’ve had a particularly interesting dream, call the DRL DREAM HOTLINE and leave it on our message machine! Your dream will be part of our permanent dream archive, and might be used for dream exchanges, audio projects, visual artworks, or even “scientific analysis”! 

By leaving a message you are giving consent for the DRL to use that message in its various activities, though please note that all content will be presented anonymously (your real name will never appear anywhere, ever). And if you do not want your dream used in a certain way, just say so in your message! 

Make sure to leave your email address in your message, so we can contact you if necessary. If its OK with you, it would be great if you could also let us know your gender, your age, your occupation and the zip code where you live.

Please note that the DRL and the Hotline offers absolutely NOTHING in terms of dream “interpretation”! If you find it fun and rewarding to interpret your dreams you should by all means do so, but that’s not quite what the DRL is about. There are already loads of sketchy psuedo-scientific sites for that!

Finally, there is no additional charge to use the Hotline, but it isn’t currently a “toll free” line. It is a regular New York City land-line number, so if it is free for you to call NYC your call is free, and if you’re calling it from long distance your regular rates apply.