Encounter with a Mermaid

I was fishing with my dad from a platform overlooking a creek or small pond. It was daytime, but things felt calm and leisurely, like at sunset. Our poles were just sticks, like broom handles, but we weren’t worried about it. Suddenly, I feel my line tug, and I pulled on the rod to reel […]

Lost at Sea

I was on a vast modern passenger ship, I guess like a cruise ship.  I was on a deck, looking out, but I couldn’t see very far because we were moving slowly through a dense fog. The fog, and our slowness made me nervous, as though we were dodging icebergs or something. Then, on the […]

At the Greek Sex Shop

I was in a big city in Greece, trying to find my way back to the hostel where I was staying. I know it was Greece because at first I was on top of a hill, and could see the ocean and the white stucco of the houses. But then I moved deeper into the […]

The Nuclear Attack

I was in some kind of canteen mess-hall, having breakfast with some other guys. All of us were in generic military clothing, so I guess we were some kind of soldiers. The other guys were talking softly about how another guy from our unit had just been mysteriously killed, and there was an ominous, grim […]

The Swallowed Nail

I was in a rural space, standing on one side of a river looking across at a barn on the other side. The barn was strange though, because it was a pale cream color, and the roof resembled the classic style of Japan. The next thing I knew, I was on the other side of […]

Camping Trip (Balloon Boy)

We were camping, my family and I, and I was still a kid, a teenager maybe. I was busy going around setting up various things for the campsite, unpacking my backpack and making sure I had batteries in my flashlight, that sort of thing. My brother (who is older than me) was sitting at a picnic table whittling […]

The Moose in the Stone Circle

I was having some kind of elaborate picnic with D (a woman I spent several weeks with in New Brunswick, Canada). She was elegantly dressed, as if going to some kind of old-fashioned ball, though we were sitting on a blanket with a cooler and paper plates. At some point she got up to admire […]

Trouble at the Bank

I was walking down a dusty small town street in some North African setting… everybody was Arab and dressed like they do in Morocco. I had some strong concern about money, though I can’t remember what it was exactly – I think I had to change some traveller’s cheques or get some sort of bank […]

The Cloud Factory

I was in a dense forest, a pine forest. I was trying to walk, but the branches were too thick, and kept scratching my arms and face, and knocking my glasses off. Finally, exhausted, I came to a clearing, a green meadow. I was sweating and tired, so I lay down on my back in […]