Exhibition with Gallery Cubed!

The DRL will be presenting some recent work as part of Gallery Cubed’s “Live Under the Archway” series. Organized by Courtney Strimple Colman and Heather Bhandari of the curatorial team The Remix, the show will take place under the DUMBO archway in beautiful Brooklyn, NYC on August 8th from 5 – 9pm.  Even though the […]

Dreams in 3D

I’ve finally had the chance to start experimenting with 3D! It has long been an ambition, but so many other things have topped my to-do lists, and I’ve had no access to the technology. However, just before Christmas I discovered the “FabLac” in nearby Anthy-sur-Leman. It is an awesome spot – a couple of rooms […]

A Very Short History of Dream Research

While speculation about the nature of dreaming in the “western” tradition can be traced at least to Aristotle, serious study of the topic in the modern period clearly begins with Freud. Freud’s general psychology is today largely discredited, or at any rate a great deal less fashionable than it once was. The same can be […]

Recommended Reading

Recommended Readings: Matthew Walker: Why We Sleep. (Penguin, 2017). A very popular book at the moment. Walker is a living apostle of sleep and his enthusiasm for the subject is contagious. Extremely readable and deserving of all the praise it gets. Not devoted entirely to the subject of dreaming, he nevertheless covers the basics quite […]

PSG Step 5: Getting off the SD Card

As mentioned, since recording for long periods over bluetooth is pretty risky, it makes a lot of sense to record onto the extremely stable micro SD card. The main OpenBCI SD Card Tutorial covers the basics of formatting the card and recording, and the process is very straightforward. However, in order to be maximally efficient, […]

Polysomnography Step 4: Recording!

Ok – I’m wired up, everything is connected to my Cyton board – the time has come to actually record something. This is pretty much exactly the same process you use for any kind of Cyton activity, but I’m going to repeat the steps provided on the OpenBCI site for my own sake and to […]

Polysomnography Step 3: The Cyton Board

Obviously anybody who has a Cyton has at least done the introductory tutorial provided on the OpenBCI website, and this part doesn’t really require much explanation. There’s also a decent introduction on “The Autodidacts” website, demonstrating how to set up basic ECG using OpenBCI.  But again, for the sake of documenting the process, here is […]

Polysomnography Step 2: Electrode Placement

Understanding biodata measuring: I am still very far from having mastered the details in this area, but here’s my non-specialist sense of what is involved in getting data from a subject’s head. The key point to understand is that all of these measurements are COMPARATIVE. Electrodes are not like a thermometers, which measure the temperature […]

Polysomnography Step 1: Gear

Here I’d like to record the process I’m using to record PSGs and collect my own data for dream realization projects. It is worth repeating that I am an average Joe with zero technical training in polysomnography, bio-scanning, electronics, computer programming, any of this sort of stuff. I’ve never played with an “Arduino”.  I’m a […]

Accident with Beautiful Woman

The dream began as I opened up a hotel room door. Inside the room sat a beautiful young blonde woman dressed in an attractive blue evening gown. As I entered, she rose and walked over to me as though very glad that I had come back, but just as I was about to kiss her […]