The DRL is an art and research project of Benjamin Evans, with the goal of presenting the phenomenon of dreaming in new tangible forms by turning the technologies of empirical sleep science to playful aesthetic ends.

Arguably, the dream is the most perfect form of art that has ever existed. A dream creates, out of sheer imagination, a completely immersive world capable of moving us through the entire spectrum of human emotion in a way that makes our high-tech ‘virtual reality’ devices seem downright infantile. Paintings, novels, movies, operas – all our creative cultural endeavours can obviously provide lasting personal resonance, but none have the capacity to directly impact us the way dreams do. After all, we ourselves are the authors (or artists? or directors?) of our own dreams. Dreams are produced neither by powerful Hollywood entertainment corporations, nor by elite prize-winning artists. Instead, they are produced by everybody, every night, for free. Dreams reveal the overlooked creativity, playfulness, and inventiveness inherent in the biology of the human being itself, and the productions of the DRL aim to help serve as a reminder of this.

Image on right: Goya, The sleep of reason creates monsters.


Brainwaves and other biodata collected during dreaming transformed into abstract images.

Polysomnographic data collected during dreaming transformed into unusual 3D forms.

Odd diagrams based on the analysis of dream narratives for emotional content. 

Polysomnographic data transformed into music. Press play on the right for a sample, or click below for more compositions

Make your own dream diagrams!

Now you can generate “Emoneiric” diagrams from your own dream narratives using our new web interface.

The Scientific Process

The images, objects and sounds I’m developing are all derived from legitimate empirical data collected from dreaming subjects. The process begins by recording a “polysomnograph” (or PSG) that will (at least) measure electroencephalographic (EEG) or “brain wave” activity, eye-movement (through electrooculargraphy or EOG), and muscle tone. The collected raw data gets transformed by various algorithms to create data visualizations.

“Our brain is our best creative ally”

Benjamin Evans is an artist and writer currently based in the French Alps. He has zero formal training in data visualization, computer programming, MATLab, signal processing or sleep science in general. Originally from the Canadian province of Newfoundland, he has also spent seven years living in New York City where he directed the non-profit gallery NURTUREart and was active in the Brooklyn arts scene. He has exhibited previous bodies of work professionally in both Canadian and New York venues. While living in Paris, Evans opened the itinerant gallery project Projective City, which exhibited the work of emerging artists in Paris, New York and virtual spaces in between. He holds five degrees, including a PhD in philosophy and an MFA in mixed media, and has taught at several institutions, including the Alberta College of the Arts, The Parsons School of Design in New York and Parsons Paris. Having completed his PhD, he has recently returned to making art full time.
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