• Images from the dreaming brain

    A major part of the DRL involves visualizing data collected directly from people as they dream. Several series have already been developed, and new methods are constantly being researched.

  • Dreams become music...

    Dreams can also be transmogrified into audio forms of all kinds, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Hear what a dream can sound like here...

  • Dream Science

    All of the work of the DRL strives to be based on legitimate science, even if the results are generally scientifically unhelpful. Learn about the processes, technologies, and theories behind the various projects!

  • Dream sculptures

    3D printing dreams! Here biodata is plotted in three dimensions, printed in ordinary PLA plastic, and then subjected to individualized treatment!

What is the Dream Realization Lab?

What is the Dream Realization Lab?

The Dream Realization Laboratory is an art project by Ben Evans, whose goal is to explore some of the hard science behind contemporary dream research from a non-specialist perspective, and to present the mystery of dreaming in new tangible forms by turning the technologies of empirical science to more playful aesthetic ends.

Arguably, the dream is the most perfect form of art that has ever existed. A dream creates, out of sheer imagination, a completely immersive world capable of moving us through the entire spectrum of human emotion in a way that makes our high-tech ‘virtual reality’ devices seem downright infantile. Paintings, novels, movies, operas – all our creative cultural endeavours can obviously provide lasting personal resonance, but none have the capacity to directly impact us the way dreams do. After all, we ourselves are the authors (or artists? or directors?) of our own dreams. Dreams are produced neither by powerful Hollywood entertainment corporations, nor by elite prize-winning artists. Instead, they are produced by everybody, every night, for free. Dreams reveal the overlooked creativity, playfulness, and inventiveness inherent in the biology of the human being itself, and the productions of the DRL help serve as a reminder of this. (Image on left: Goya, "The sleep of reason produces monsters")

The Latest

The blog section contains info about DIY polysomnography, dream realization processes, notes on dream research and other miscellaneous stuff...

  • Exhibition with Gallery Cubed!

    The DRL will be presenting some recent work as part of Gallery Cubed’s “Live Under the Archway” series. Organized by Courtney Strimple Colman and Heather Bhandari of the curatorial team The Remix, the show will take place under the DUMBO archway in beautiful Brooklyn, NYC on August 8th from 5 – 9pm.  Even though the […]

  • Dreams in 3D

    I’ve finally had the chance to start experimenting with 3D! It has long been an ambition, but so many other things have topped my to-do lists, and I’ve had no access to the technology. However, just before Christmas I discovered the “FabLac” in nearby Anthy-sur-Leman. It is an awesome spot – a couple of rooms […]

  • A Very Short History of Dream Research

    While speculation about the nature of dreaming in the “western” tradition can be traced at least to Aristotle, serious study of the topic in the modern period clearly begins with Freud. Freud’s general psychology is today largely discredited, or at any rate a great deal less fashionable than it once was. The same can be […]

Get in Touch!

If you are going to a sleep clinic and want to have your dreams realized, or have thoughts or questions about this project, or are interested in purchasing a print, let me know!